Remain Active Walk In Tubs Falsely Advertises

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This company advertises on their website that they manufacture walk-in tubs in their factory. They lie! They don't have a factory. They simply buy from a manufacturer in Miami Fla, double the price, and resell it on the Internet.

This Company is owned and run by a guy named Howard in Va. He has a girl named Cassandra answering the phones in North Carolina. There is only 2 people working for this company. You will never be able to get Howard on the phone. She says he's busy, when in-fact he is in another state.

I have tried to get them to correct a problem with a tub they sold me but they do not honor the warranty since they don't have any service people.

Whatever you do, don't buy from this company. You will be sorry you did. They don't care about return customers so they don't service what they sell, regardless of what they tell you.

The sooner the word gets around about their business practices and people stop buying from them, the sooner they will go out of business. Don't be the last one to get caught in their trap!


Don't do business with this company!

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